Learn Japanese – Language Courses

Individual training is suitable for people who have flexitime or want a shorter period to pass a certain level, and also for those who want to refresh their knowledge or to emphasize a particular component of language.

Teaching individually, you can choose between different educational systems depending on your needs and desires, and to consult with a teacher who is the most suitable option for you. Classes are held in convenient time. Recording is necessary to contact us by phone or e-mail two days in advance.

Payment is due after each session or prepay a package of 20 or 30 hours, in which you get extra respectively 2 or 4 free hours. One class has a minimum of two hours, each 45 minutes.

If you need to cancel no appointment is necessary to contact us one day earlier. Otherwise, a penalty equal to the price 1 lesson.

In addition to adults, we offer individual lessons in Japanese children. The training system is determined depending on the age and level of knowledge of the child. Along with the use of standard textbooks, classes are accompanied by entertaining RPGs, drafting and different exercises.

Understanding of the Japanese language is essential for the understanding of Japanese culture. Meet the hieroglyphic system, and two syllabic scripts: hiragana and katakana. The course aims to familiarize you with the basics of the Japanese language and writing system on the one hand and introduce you to the peculiarities of Japanese culture.

During the training:
• Mastering the art of origami making;
• Introduction to Japanese culture.

School system

“Minna no Nihongo” is the most popular book among the world schools for learning the language. It contains both detailed grammar exercises and specific daily expressions. Except as listening and understanding are set and dialogues that reveal Japanese culture. The book is suitable for people who want to visit the country.